Made in Russia!


PRBRUSH is a manufacturer of hair care-related products.
Use of Russian raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies ensures not only high quality of finished products, but also competitive prices.
As a contract manufacturer, we are not only able to produce goods according to customer’s specifications but also to provide various packaging options.

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All our products are manufactured in St. Petersburg, Russia, using state-of-the-art equipment and in accordance with all health and hygiene norms as well as with GOST standards.


PRBRUSH is a reliable supplier of hair care-related products. Basing on customer’s demands, we have created a vast network of partners, and we are continuously expanding the range of related services.


  • Made in Russia
  • Custom orders available
  • Beneficial conditions of cooperation
  • High quality of produced goods
  • Working with us is convenient
  • All materials are environment-friendly

About us PRBRUSH

PRBRUSH is a manufacturer of hair care-related products, such as brushes, combs and dyeing brushes..

We are a young, dynamic company with the primary focus on contract manufacturing. Our partner offer includes manufacturing of hair care-related products under customer’s brand, production of package and provision of related services.


PRBRUSH offers:

  • product quality on par with European manufacturers,
  • product price on par with Asian manufacturers,
  • fixed prices in Russian rubles,
  • short production and delivery times,
  • wide selection of models and different colors.
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